Valeria Edmonds

Coach professionnelle certifiée en leadership 
Nouvelle animatrice d’ateliers DFPN

Suite à la demande croissante, de la part de nos membres et sympathisants, d’ateliers en anglais, nous avons décidé d’en organiser toute une série sur des sujets passionnants, pertinents et diversifiés.

Ce mois-ci nous vous proposons un atelier inédit sur le thème de comment soigner son image de marque. 

Valeria vous présentera un panel d’outils qui vous permettront de networker et de vous présenter auprès de professionnels en toute confiance, que vous soyez en recherche d’emploi ou en poste.

Nous vous proposons d’en savoir un peu plus sur notre nouvelle animatrice à travers sa bio ci-dessous.

Rendez-vous le 05 Février, réservez vite votre place sur ce lien Eventbrite !

Who is Valeria Edmonds?

Valeria Saulsberry Edmonds earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Memphis and her MBA at Howard University.  Over the last 28 years, she has had a variety of assignments across different divisions within ExxonMobil Corporation.  She works primarily as a global business partner with change management, organizational effectiveness, leadership development, recruiting and training expertise. Her current assignment allows her to leverage her experience by consulting on talent management processes as an integration lead with the national oil company, Qatar Petroleum. 

In addition to her formal duties, Valeria has been actively involved with employee support groups within the company where she leverages her passion for mentoring young professionals.  She also has a passion for developing supervisors who are on the frontline of talent development and engagement.  In 2012, Valeria received her certification as a leadership coach at Georgetown University and she started her own coaching practice called Masterful You. As a coach, Valeria supports aspiring leaders in their quest to define success and create a life of well-being, wisdom and purpose. Valeria has published a book called “The Amazing Single Mom” in which she shares the benefits of her experience balancing a challenging corporate career with the important job of motherhood. 

Valeria is a mother of two from Memphis, Tennessee who currently lives in Doha, Qatar with her husband. Her daughter is a master’s student at North Carolina University in Greensboro and her son is sophomore at Howard University.